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Does critical art exist in Poland?

The artist and curator Katya Shadkovska asks what has become of critical art, which became popular in Poland in the 1990s, and how it differs from contemporary Russian protest art.


Sea Monster Beauty Pageant

Family Business Gallery blog columnist Valentin Diakonov presented this text to Artguide as a gift after Maurizio Cattelan and Massimiliano Gioni refused to publish it for political reasons.


Museum Being Calibrated

The artist HAIM SOKOL and ArtGuide editor-in-chef MARIA KRAVTSOVA paid a visit to the new Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center and discussed the paradoxes of Jewish museums, the problems of language, arrogance, religious communities and effective management.


Contemporary art: obscene installations or something spiritual?

The Public Opinion Fund polled Russian citizens on the subject of “Leisure and Contemporary Art.” The top names associated with contemporary art were Kasimir Malevich, Ilya Glazunov, Alla Pugacheva and Eurovision 2012 contestants, the Buryanovo Babushkas.


Basic Instinct Basic Instinct

Moscow gallerist SERGEI POPOV talks of eroticism, sexuality and pornography in contemporary Russian art.

Russian Gay Art Russian Gay Art

Orthodox science constantly seemed to elude the question whether there is homosexual art in Russia or there is none. So we decided to tell the general public all about the queer culture, what happened in New Academy, what was the main democratic conquest of the 1990s and how it all ended.

“Archives:” Against the Mausoleum “Archives:” Against the Mausoleum

Nowadays is hard to imagine the heated arguments in the 1920s surrounding the construction of the Lenin mausoleum — the final resting place of the proletariat's leader. As some seen it as archaic and foreign concept to the new Soviet reality.

Farewell, modernist aura! Farewell, modernist aura!

Critic VALENTIN DYAKONOV attended the opening of 1st Bergen Assembly (August 31st – October 27th, 2013) which main project — “Monday Begins on Saturday" — was created by curators EKATERINA DEGOT and DAVID RIFF, and shared his thoughts on political art exhibitions, anti-formalism and jazz.